Thursday, 20 April 2017

Moving Out Of SFA - Redirection Of Mail

 When Moving Out of your Service Family Accommodation please make sure that you have arranged to redirect your mail. 

The Post Office offers a redirection service at:

Official MOD Discount Service

For more Information

Little Troopers Seperation Packs

"Our Little Trooper Separation packs have been a great success. The aim being the resources ease and aid the separation from a soldier parent. Families can order directly and individually via our online shop or some Unit Welfare Offices are choosing to fund these for families, if you would like a sample pack sent to your Welfare Office for consideration do send us their details.

These packs include various resources and if you have any feedback or addtions you'd like to see contact us;

Pack includes:
  • World Map with stickers giving the child a place to plot where they have lived with the Army, where they have been on holiday and where their soldier has been. A space for their soldiers details and picture
  • Chuff Charts - 10 monthly charts that are generic and can be used for just one month at a time or an entire tour giving you the flexibility to count down the timeframes that work for your family unit. A space for notes so the child can share on the soldiers return what they did that month.
  • Postcards pack - 6 illustrated postcards with envelopes for the child to write/draw on and send to their soldier wherever they may be; Missing you, To my Soldier x 2, From your Little Trooper, Look what I've been up to & Welcome Home
  • Parent Deployment Booklet - hints and tips from you, for you... we've taken and shared all your great ideas for surviving when your soldiers are away, ideas and things to do with your Little Troopers to help them through the time
  • Little Trooper Passport - Unique to your Little Trooper and every event they come to with My Daddy is a Soldier Adventures they get a stamp
A great resource pack to help your children feel supported, to understand seperation and to stay connected to their soldier wherever they may be in the world.


Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Running a business in your service home

Childcare Costs - HM Government Support Website

UK families will soon see bills cut as date announced for the launch of Tax-Free Childcare. Launch of new Childcare Choices website means parents now able to find available government support...
HERE for more information

The Standard Learning Credits Scheme For Military Personnel

The Standard Learning Credits scheme allows personnel to obtain financial assistance for learning costs.

Military personnel are able to claim 80% of course fees, up to a maximum of £175 per financial year. To qualify for SLC funding, the course of study must lead to a nationally recognised qualification, have substantial developmental value and directly benefit the Service.

HERE for further details

Support to Whom?

Civvy Street - Latest Edition Out Now

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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Free Saturday collections of garden waste - RBWM Residents

We offer free Saturday collections of green garden waste up to four times per year.Collections need to be booked in advance and only one collection can be organised at any time. To organise your free collection, please call 01628 796816 or 01628 796844.However if you request more than four collections, we shall charge for all additional collections. The cost of each additional collection will be £28. To make a payment and organise an additional collection, please call us on 01628 683801.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Recruit For Spouses

Click on the Link and this will direct you to the website to register with Recruit For Spouses

Most modern families in the UK recognise that where once a second income might have been an advantage, it is increasingly a ‘must-have’, and military families are no exception. Too frequently, skilled, career-minded spouses are overlooked in the workplace in favour of candidates perceived to be more geographically stable.
Recruit for Spouses’ message to business is simple: recent changes throughout the British military mean its families are more settled then ever before, and Forces’ spouses deserve rewarding income opportunities from a level playing field.
If you’re a military spouse with aspirations of saving for a house deposit or funding a mortgage so your family can put down roots, we can help you to make it happen.


To View the Full Guide Click Here


The INtouch service enables personnel on operations to send and receive letters originally sent via email, but received in hard copy form. Despite the ever-growing use of Wi-Fi and mobile data-based technology, and the increased use of social media networks and apps, (including Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype and iMessage) Service personnel deployed overseas still highly value receiving physical mail. Once an account has been registered, service personnel, their friends and families are able to create a mail message using either a computer or internet enabled personal electronic device at This can be done anywhere across the globe. Once a document has been composed it is electronically encrypted and sent to the imail server. The server routes the item to the nearest UK Mail print centre, where it is securely printed by state-of-the-art equipment. Letters are machine-enveloped and all mail is sent for onward delivery to BFPO Northolt, (the MODs mail sortation depot) to be dispatched across the globe within the military mail system. Imail INtouch is a service delivered on behalf of the MOD. The service has been established and is monitored by the Permanent Joint Headquarters in Northwood. BFPOs role in the provision of this service is limited to the ‘final mile’ delivery of mail from the BFPO Northolt sortation depot to BFPO addresses across the globe. SENDING MAIL USING INTOUCH Getting started Personnel and their loved ones will need to

Wednesday, 12 April 2017


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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Local information - Central London

Marsham Street Children’s Centre is the closest Children’s Centre for Stillington Street and Victoria House, it has a host of activities on throughout the week for free – all families with children aged 0-5 yrs are able to access the sessions that are offered.

Link for Westminster City Save Card -

Westminster City Save is a discount card that any resident living in Westminster is entitled to. The card gives discount on a wide range of goods from Entertainment through to food and clothes.

The Queen Mother Sports Centre is just a short walk from any of the SFA’s in Central London providing a host of sports and fitness activities.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Soldier On - Supporting Medically Discharged Service Leavers

Soldier On! is a national independent education charity which teaches members of the British armed forces who have been made redundant on medical grounds to plan and manage their careers. We work with both service leavers and veterans who have been wounded on operations, sustained injuries whilst serving or have been discharged through any other forms of ill health.

For more information click on the link
soldier on